Monday, May 09, 2022

The Home Protests

 Law professor Jonathan Turley discusses the White House's failure to denounce the protests/harassment at the homes of Supreme Court Justices.

This is not only a matter of basic decency but also one in which it is important to know the strategy. The protesters are seeking to get at the Justices through their families. The signal is home is not a sanctuary and families are not safe. [No one knows how many mentally unbalanced people are in those crowds.] The protests are also telling individuals who might disagree with them on other issues that the same strategy can be used against them.

That second part may be the key factor. If you were a judge and protesters were shouting outside of your home, would that cause you to switch your opinion or would it instead harden your position? 

In my own case, it would be the latter.

Regardless of our political beliefs, we need to declare that type of behavior to be off-limits. 

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