Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Being There

When you think of an event, don't just think of the event. Mentally put yourself on the scene. What was the temperature? What was the time of day? Were people comfortable or were they stressed, tired, angry, afraid, impatient, or feeling something entirely different? What were the alliances? Who really wanted a particular result? Who opposed it or didn't care?  How objective and extensive was the research? Which subject drew most of the attention? Was a particular viewpoint adopted or did indifference win the day? Can the results be easily reversed or has a lengthy commitment been launched? What are the likely consequences? Were there any weasel words? Is there an escape strategy? Is there a sense of urgency? What happens if the adopted course of action works? What happens if it fails? Were new problems created?

An event is a collection of events. Know the components.

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