Saturday, August 05, 2023

Who Watches the Watchman?

FutureLawyer gives an update on Google's new privacy tools.

My question is "If Google is the guardian, who protects us from Google?"


FutureLawyerRickGeorges said...

Good question. The answer is tech innovation. As I write this, Google engineers are in a frenzy of worry over the competition of AI. As other companies find better ways to search and create AI content, the question probably is whether AI will become so advanced that we are controlled by the machines. Who will watch the machines?

Michael Wade said...


Who will watch the machines is truly a macro-question but the cozy relationship between Big Tech and Big Government is an immediate threat. The day that a giant search engine corporation goes to a political candidate and, in the name of transparency, threatens to reveal every lascivious or embarrassing site he or she has ever visited is the day they are on the way to complete control.

AI won't prevent that.