Thursday, October 26, 2023

Everyone Should Know Damon Runyon

The Damon Runyon Omnibus where you'll find the Runyonesque style of writing. A sample:

Of course Judge Goldfobber is not a judge, and never is a judge, and he is 100 to 1 in my line against ever being a judge, but he is called Judge because it pleases him, and everybody always wishes to please Judge Goldfobber, as he is one of the surest-footed lawyers in this town, and beats more tough beefs for different citizens than seems possible. He is a wonderful hand for keeping citizens from getting into the sneezer, and better than Houdini when it comes to getting them out of the sneezer after they are in.

The Damon Runyon House.

[Photo by Noah Silliman at Unsplash.]


chris said...

One of my favorites. He had a voice all his own.

Also have a soft spot for Guys and Dolls.

Michael Wade said...


True. Very distinctive.