Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Reminder from Adrian Savage

 Over the years I have posted this advice from Adrian Savage, the leadership author and scholar:

You don't need a life plan. You don't need motivation, self-confidence, peer support or even luck. All you need is the willingness to take the most obvious step - then repeat the process again and again, regardless of how you feel. Try it. Happiness comes from seeing the results of your efforts. You don't need it before you start.


Jean said...

Society seems to want us to find a way to be happy before we can do anything else.
Only makes for job security for those trying to sell their own products, philosophies and anything else they can make money from. Their concern for other peoples' happiness and progress is non-existant. We should avoid relying too much/maybe at all on anyone else for anything.
We already have the ability to learn what we need to do and that should make us happy in the first place.

Michael Wade said...


I agree.

And if you wait to be happy before doing anything else, very little will get done and happiness will not arrive.