Friday, October 13, 2023

If You're a Slow Horses Fan

 Go ahead and read the entire series of Slow Horses/Slough House novels by Mick Herron and then savor the above. It ties together the backgrounds.


MI6 said...

... and to think I thought the clean living Jackson Lamb aka @GaryOldman was a breath of fresh air until I read the epic fact based spy thriller, Beyond Enkription in #TheBurlingtonFiles series as part of my MI6 induction program. It’s a must read for espionage cognoscenti.

Michael Wade said...


I got a copy several months ago and promise, once my reading stack declines, to get to it.


MI6 said...

Michael - Hope you enjoy it - it's simple at one level but really multilayered if you dig deeper because it is based on actual events and people and being about espionage those are naturally complex from the start let alone a few hundred pages later. Hence, the seemingly simple preface before the book really kicks into action. Best wishes - all at MI6!