Friday, April 12, 2024

Dangerous Assumptions

 If you're on a board of directors, do not assume that the other board members read the minutes. In my experience, most of them do not unless they have a pet project that's being discussed.

If you've applied for a job, recognize that application letters and resumes receive little attention. So too with job applications. The way careers are shaped via such indifference is nothing short of scandalous.

If you've had an important business meeting, the odds that more than a small percentage of the attendees were listening are remote. As the great C. Northcote Parkinson noted years ago, more attention will probably be given to trivial matters, such as reserved parking spaces, than to major issues that could produce disaster.

What all of the above means is it is dangerous to assume attentiveness or a sound sense of priorities.

Many organizations survive despite a routine neglect of key matters.

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