Friday, March 24, 2006

When It Absolutely, Positively...

Fed Ex Chief Information Officer Rob Carter on infotech:

I think it's easier to copy than it is to innovate. There's no question about that. So when we launch something new, they're hot on our heels. That's why we simply have to keep moving.
We have a philosophy -- it came out in the Marine Corps -- from the early days, that says, "Move, communicate, and shoot." That's one of our strategies.

And in that order, by the way. It's not "Shoot, communicate, and stand still." So we move, communicate, and shoot, and it's a very important thing. We have an innovation team that does nothing but look for new opportunities to come out of the gate with something that'll be a whack on the side of the head to them.

It’s a fascinating interview.

He's discusses a new technology that permits you to track all of the packages that are being sent to you, including ones you didn't even know had been sent.

Read it all here.

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