Thursday, April 27, 2006

Multi-Tasking has an Advocate

You wouldn't tell a sprinter he could win by training like a marathoner, and you can't run a tech startup if you live like a Buddhist monk. You just won't have the speed required when the time comes that you need it.You wouldn't tell a basketball player he could just practice free throws and ignore dribbling, passing, and defense. Likewise, you can't run a business if you only know one thing and have no clue about the basic role of the other players.The world is full of people that just want to slow down and do one thing. They want the easy path. They want their jobs and their lives to be simple. Hire those people to work for you and let them deal with the less important stuff. For entrepreneurs, the key is moving fast and understanding the big picture - how it all fits together.

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My take: No one style is best. Adjust to the environment. This sounds glib, but it is simply practical. There is no "one size fits all" style of management.

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