Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Diversity and Tolerance

Victor Davis Hanson finds a secret to American unity at a Sierra Nevada lake:

But there were other lessons this day well beyond differing approaches to enjoying nature in the High Sierra. In the general store and restaurant, all the various cliques seemed to get along. I can imagine that these groupings are not altogether static or all inclusive either. Most all of them when aged may some day end up alike as nearly invisible trollers, like the older fishermen puttering along with their rods and reels in the quiet coves and out-of-way eddies of the lake.

Even in this age of political acrimony, Americans in their individualism retain their creed of live and let live, and an admirable tolerance for what they don't go in for. For all the recent hype about our supposed age of small-mindedness and the strategies of "personal destruction," politics is not a divide that daily separates us into warring factions--and not so based on skin color, religion, or even income. America is no Bosnia, Rwanda, or Iraq--or even Europe with its rigid class demarcations and doctrinaire ideologies.

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