Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And then some

I can't recall the original source, but the secret of success has been ascribed to doing what was needed "and then some."

You can find this - or its absence - in daily interactions. Some examples:

  • The staff member who books you to make a presentation, prints off a map to the site, describes the history of the group, reminds you that you met the group president two years ago at a conference, and gives a motto the group recently adopted which you can then incorporate into your speech.

  • The project team member who provides background on how the project was handled last year and details on which aspects were well received by the board and which were not.

  • The associate who keeps tabs on the likes and dislikes of various clients and who can readily cite which type of font is preferred for their documents.

One common characteristic of the above: You are more likely to notice them when they aren't present.

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