Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Defending Your Right to Agree with Them

Stuart Taylor explores the intolerance that lurks on many college campuses. An excerpt:

"At least in the humanities and social sciences," Emory University professor Mark Bauerlein wrote in a 2004 essay, "academics shun conservative values and traditions, so their curricula and hiring practices discourage non-leftists from pursuing academic careers.... The quasi-Marxist outlook of cultural studies rules out those who espouse capitalism. If you disapprove of affirmative action, forget pursuing a degree in African-American studies. If you think that the nuclear family proves the best unit of social well-being, stay away from women's studies."

Over the decades, academic extremists have taken over more and more departments, like cancers metastasizing from organ to organ. For example, the 88 Duke professors who signed a disgraceful April 2006 ad in the school paper spearheading the mob rush to judgment against falsely accused lacrosse players included 80 percent of the African-American studies faculty; 72 percent of the women's studies professors; 60 percent of the cultural anthropology department; and lots of professors in romance studies, literature, English, art, and history.

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Eclecticity said...

I'm currently reading David Horowitz's Radical Son. From
1999. He was a true blue leftist that eventually saw the errors of his way.

He is regularly shouted down on American campuses because he dares to ask professors to be equal opportunity teachers and let students decide for themselves how they should think about things. He's been totally vilified by the left... but he knows them from the inside. And maybe that's why.