Friday, November 30, 2007

How HR Fumbles PR

  1. By setting ridiculous requirements for jobs. [I love entry-level slots that require four years of experience.]

  2. By never getting back with applicants on the status of their applications. [It is just possible that the applicant takes the process more seriously than the HR department and might be adjusting plans in case the job comes through.]

  3. By advertising for jobs that have already been filled. [Cute.]

  4. By continuing to solicit applications when there already are plenty of qualified candidates for just a few vacancies. [Close recruitment! Make a decision!]

  5. By cramming 80 percent of the real job responsibilities under "other duties as assigned." [You know what I'm talking about.]

  6. By not communicating with the departments on what is truly needed for the performance of the job. [It's embarrassing when a person who is doing very well in an acting capacity ultimately fails HR's screening criteria for the job.]

  7. By treating applicants as nuisances. [They are your customers in several ways.]

  8. By permitting executives and managers to circumvent the selection system. [Do you have a full-time system or an occasional system?]

  9. By requiring applicants to complete sizable assignments in order to prove their merit. [Some firms gets free consulting advice that way.]

  10. By pretending to go through an objective process. [You should be able to shout all of your real policies from the rooftops.]


Anonymous said...

One related to but not identical to these is the perpetual job opening, the "we aren't actually hiring, but we want to be ready if our competitor's employees want to jump ship (or ours do)".

Scott D. McArthur said...

How about - by putting "Strategic" in front of everything - especially HR job titles!

Michael Wade said...


The perpetual job opening is one of my favorites. The loose use of "strategic" with job titles is another hoot. I suspect that may be given in lieu of a pay raise.