Tuesday, November 13, 2007

That Which is Measured

Political Calculations blog is noted for providing tools to calculate various matters, ranging from the major to the minor.

In this helpful post, links to several of its models are provided. Some of the topics:

A "Geek Logik" tool for finding out when (and how) you should say you're sorry!

Given current economic conditions in the U.S., how much natural unemployment should there be?

A "Geek Logik" tool for finding out if you ought to get something done now or if you can put it off for later!

Does it really make economic (or environmental) sense to buy your produce locally?
Does that business have enough cash to stay afloat?

A "Geek Logik" tool for working out when you should pass along that bit of juicy office gossip or keep it to yourself.

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