Thursday, July 22, 2010

Book Update

A shameless update on a couple of my recent books:

All I Said Was... What Every Supervisor, Employee, and Team Should Know to Avoid Insults, Lawsuits, and the Six O'clock News is now an e-book on Kindle. A paperback version will soon be available.

How to Make Presentations to Councils and Boards is also on Kindle. I've gone through one proof of the paperback version and hope to approve the final by next week.

Several other books are also in the pipeline, including The Best of


Eclecticity said...

Michael, I am thrilled for you. Proud of you and hoping that many many people benefit from your books.

I know that a Kindle is in my future. I will want hard copies though too.

Way to go! E.

Michael Wade said...


Many thanks are due to you and your encouragement.

Best regards,