Saturday, January 28, 2012

E-Mail Games

Jack sends an e-mail message of questionable taste to Clyde, who likes its content so much that he forwards the message to seven other people.

Maria sends an e-mail to Ellen, seeking her opinion on a confidential matter. Ellen responds and copies Harold on the message, noting that he might have some ideas on the subject.

Kelly takes pride in answering e-mails with as few words as possible and as quickly as possible. People often complain about the tone of those brief messages.

What is it about electronic messages that causes people to abandon common sense?


Bob said...

Foresight, wisdom, empathy, respect, and ethics, personal qualities that are often overlooked, lest talked about. Assuming we all have the same definition of common sense is a daily hazard.

Rule 1: No email is confidential

Michael Wade said...


Rule 1 is great!