Monday, January 23, 2012

Silent Thoughts

All of his allies would retire within three years and the young lions were counting the days.

Whenever she saw other department heads making important decisions she thought, "How could I have ever doubted my qualifications for this job?"

In the past decade, he'd been told by several people that he had been a major influence on their ability to achieve highly desirable positions. Each time, he silently wondered, "When do I get to meet me?"

She noticed a glance between Harold and Marie at the board meeting and knew that Elaine had better watch her back.

She was able to go through adversity that would have crushed most people, but he knew her secret weapon: She had absolutely no feelings.

No one said it but everyone was aware of why Preston spent so much time at the office. He was married to a dragon.

She regarded him as an early warning device. He maintained no position because of principle and would drop it as soon as unpopularity loomed.

He knew the rest of the oral board would never admit it, but they had given a low score to an excellent candidate because she was overweight.

The team members knew Kelly was doing 98 percent of the work but told themselves that she really preferred that arrangement.

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