Monday, November 12, 2012

Your Inner Guide

Some things to ponder, starting with a Jane Austen quote, at The Happiness Project.

At the same time, I recall a guy who, after listing all of his mistakes, said, "Then one day it occurred to me, my best thinking got me here."


Dan in Philly said...

Of course this is true for the simple reason that if we follow the guidance of ourselves then we will learn beyond question what we do and don't know. Though we should always seek advice from those wiser than ourselves if we follow the advice of others blindly we will never understand what is working and what is not, and we will never develop the ability to judge life for what it is.

All my best advice got me into a lot of problems over the years, but on the other hand I know know better, and if someone else had advised me and I still got into problems I would still be here without the wisdom.

Michael Wade said...


An important part is learning from one's mistakes and the mistakes of others.