Thursday, May 30, 2013

Advice for Grads?

Michael P. Maslanka recommends a book of advice for new graduates.

Overall, the book may be fine, but I'm not sure if I agree with the examples of advice that are given in his review. Many interviewers would be confused by some of the questions that are suggested and a confused person can be a fearful one. It is not wise to disturb the person who decides whether or not you get the job.

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Dan in Philly said...

Such questions strikes me as Prima-Donna-ish. The man who wrote the book teaches business at Harvard, and maybe if you're a Harvard Grad you can get away with it.

For the rest of us it seems to me you would ask those questions after you get hired, not during the process. I think a new grad should ask themselves such questions, but unless you have 3 top tier companies begging for your services, I agree they may not be appropriate to voice them.