Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Intellectual Diversity on Campus

Most of my college years were in the Sixties. One of my pleasant memories of those days is of the frequent chances to hear diverse viewpoints. I recall attending speeches by Robert Kennedy, Barry Goldwater, Hubert Humphrey, Allen Ginsberg, William Kunstler, Ernest van den Haag, Dick Gregory, Max Rafferty, Charles Percy, Morris Udall, Bergen Evans, and Mark Hatfield; just to name a few.

I seriously doubt if many universities provide that level of diverse viewpoints today. One troubling indicator: This year's number of conservative commencement speakers at Ivy League schools.

[Photograph: Courtesy of Christopher Yoder.]


Anonymous said...

Wow, flashback. Took me a minute to zoom in and spot the name - I could have sworn it was Maricopa.

From an old Hopi Lodger (almost 4 yrs, one as dorm president, kicked out as a senior for being 'flippant and disrespectful' - still sorta proud of that.)

Michael Wade said...

Hopi Lodge, like Cochise Hall and South Hall, evoked a lot of loyalty. No matter what else you achieve in life, you will always be a Lodger.