Thursday, August 14, 2014

Random Thoughts

We should re-read some of our favorite books from childhood because adult life also has trolls, knights, and the occasional pirate. If after several years you are not sure whether or not an executive is incompetent, you probably know the answer but are reluctant to admit it. Idealism means nothing unless it is bolstered by appropriate actions. After all, there were idealistic Nazis and Communists and look at the charnel houses they produced. Every nation has to fight to remain a nation or else it will descend into a group of tribes. I am wary of those who, because they cannot help a great deal, choose not to help at all. Managers want to know what great managers do. First, they should consider what those managers don't do. An excuse which is too easily given may be the beginning of a habit. People who claim that there would be no wars if all of the world leaders were female know neither history nor women very well. Does anyone believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? You could base an entire philosophy of life on what to ignore. Those of us with good ideas have at least one closet filled with bad ones. Edward G. Robinson gave us memorable portrayals of gangsters without uttering a single four-letter word. You can get a lot of mileage out of a blue blazer. Most of our lives are spent dealing with strangers, even those we've known for years. Blessed are people who refrain from complicating life. You can gain a reputation for courage if you simply tell the truth and one for discretion if you know when to tell it. A drive across Texas is not quickly forgotten. Rather than searching for new assets we should get greater leverage from the ones which are at hand. When evaluating candidates for leadership positions, make sure that humility is a criterion. Never reach a major decision without considering the unintended consequences. An unwashed car may reveal well-chosen priorities. Equating flawed people with evil people is a gift to the cause of evil. Owning a dog is a daily exercise in communication for both you and the dog. Each week should include at least one very good cup of hot chocolate. In order to be successful, a self-improvement campaign requires a higher purpose than mere self-improvement. The mental portrait we paint of an individual rarely resembles the real person.

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