Tuesday, November 03, 2015

There are Days

There are days when we gain more from inaction than action and from silence more than speech; when detachment is wiser than immersion in current events and when a single conversation will reveal more than a large meeting.

There are days when we need to remember the basics and times when we should reconsider them. There are moments when a passion for being right may be disguised as a desire to do right and when our ability to persist becomes a detriment. 

Mindfulness and clarity will take us a long distance but they are guides, not carriages.


Anonymous said...

Mindfulness & clarity, useful allies indeed; but as you say, not the whole game. The long game; the short game; strategy; tactics; relationship development, maintenance, and the occasional culling; and something not often spoken of sparked by this article I ran across: mentorship. A good workman knows his tools well.

The Mentorship Deficit


Michael Wade said...


Many thanks for the link!