Thursday, May 26, 2016


When you are older the one thing that becomes clear is that you don't rebound like you did in your days of youth and dissipation. You can't stay up all night and then go out for breakfast and roar into the day with heavy but open eyelids. Your body says, "No, thank you" and the thought that you are missing anything is ludicrous because when you are older you know there is nothing out there that can beat a soft pillow and clean sheets.

Sad, perhaps, but true.


Steve Layman said...

Aging like a fine wine doesn't seem all that sad these days. S

Michael Wade said...


That's true!


Richard (Rick) Georges said...

Not sad at all. In fact, being on TOP of the bed and on TOP of the soft sheets, and head on TOP of the pillow feels like victory to me. :-)

Michael Wade said...


And being on TOP of the ground shouldn't be under-rated.


Eclecticity said...

More on your dissipation please. E.

Michael Wade said...


I think you can count on never hearing about that.


Wally Bock said...

I’m seventy now. The days when beer really WAS the breakfast of campions are long gone. So has the recovery time of those days. I can’t miss a day or two of exercise anymore without feeling it. There are foods I love that I know will do me wrong, so I avoid them. I value relationships a lot more, go to bed earlier, and I’m grateful that I can afford a mattress that cost more than my first new car.

But it’s Memorial Weekend and I’m thinking of men who are frozen in time at 19 and, you know, it’s a pretty good trade. It’s good to be here, to be loved, to have grandchildren and work I love to do. A wise Gunnery Sergeant told me years ago, “Every day above ground is a good day.” And so it is.

Michael Wade said...


That is always a great perspective.

Believe me, I keep it in mind.