Friday, August 05, 2016

Dreams and Your Focus

If you socialize more, you may think less. If you think more, you may socialize less. Either way can hinder the achievement of many goals. The world is odd.  Some of the best ideas arrive only after the search for them has been delayed or abandoned.

Balance is beneficial but not always. A dream may require dedication to a particular extreme, "forsaking all others."

The question is whether it is the right dream, a noble dream, and whether you are willing to pay the price.


Anonymous said...

Much wisdom there. I recently used the phrase noble effort in regard to this from Nicholas Bate, via Strategic Edge by way of Cultural Offering:

How To Be More Intelligent 101 54KB, 4 pages

I anticipate spending a lot of time with those four pages.


Michael Wade said...


Thanks for the links!

Nicholas Bate (and Kurt Harden at Cultural Offering) regularly feature a lot of wisdom.