Monday, November 07, 2016

Europe Watch

The Weekly Standard: "France's Presidential Election is Starting to Look Like Ours." An excerpt:

One of Hollande's most oratorical flights, as he addressed the increasing presence of Islam in France, was: "The veil-wearing woman of today is going to be the Marianne of tomorrow," Marianne being the symbol of all the liberties protected by the French republic. If you contacted the five smartest political consultants in France and gave them a week to construct the quotation most likely to infuriate the broadest cross-section of the voting public, it is unlikely you could top that one. Hollande confirmed a suspicion that conservatives and moderates have long held—that politicians now see the promotion of minorities, rather than the advancement of the nation as a whole, as the motivating ideal in French life. It is the Socialists' idea of what French politics is now "about."

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