Saturday, November 05, 2016

Miscellaneous and Fast

Wally Bock: Stories and strategies from real life.
The trailer for "Loving."
Anderson Layman's Blog has one of the most infamous sleaze attack ads.
The trailer for "The Crown."
Althouse: Watching CNN versus Fox.
George Will on the "Sleaze Sweepstakes."
Back by popular demand: "Le Boudin."
The Telegraph: Canada investigates mysterious pinging sound in Arctic.


Wally Bock said...

How extraordinary to be mentioned in the same post with “Le Boudin.” What a glorious, stately cadence. And how can you not love a military march named after a blood sausage that’s official march of one of the world’s legendary military organizations.

Michael Wade said...


I'm glad you liked it. To gain full appreciation of the song (and its humor) one must see the lyrics.

And the cadence is great.