Monday, December 12, 2016

Boogie Board


Okay, the name is strange but this description by FutureLawyer is very enticing to those of us who live with legal pads.

He's ordered one. I eagerly await his review.


Don McEwan said...

Hello! I've been using one for over two years now and I find it extremely useful. It has replaced the random stack of notepads on my desk that I would pull from when heading to a meeting or just making notes. Being able to have over 2 years of my handwritten notes with me at all times has been a really nice feature of the product.
One thing that I expect a legal pad user will find difficult is the amount of info that you can collect on a single page, as well as the "font". The input surface seems to have a fairly large line thickness, though I've only done limited testing with other pens as I find it sufficient for my type of note taking needs.
I'll look forward to reading his review. I do not know many other people that use one, though I have converted a few folks in my office.


Michael Wade said...


Thanks for the review. Although I am a classic "late adopter," I confess that the Boogie Board looks very attractive, mainly because of the reasons you cite.

I expect to take the plunge soon.