Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hidden Time Killers in the Workplace

  1. Attempting to decipher the true meaning of cryptic emails.
  2. Recovering from phone calls or meetings.
  3. Waiting for others to get back with you.
  4. Finding the document that was right in front of you a minute ago.
  5. Reading emails from people who claim they'd contacted you earlier but who never did.
  6. Wondering why you were invited to a meeting.
  7. Wondering why you weren't invited to a meeting.
  8. Recovering from a brief moment when you unwisely said "yes."
  9. Eluding the after-effects of the CEO's latest encounter with a management best seller.
  10. Ennui.


Anonymous said...

Clicking refresh on execupundit... :) - Bobbo

Michael Wade said...


True. Some time-wasters are necessary and perhaps even noble endeavors.