Saturday, March 18, 2017


I hate to edit on a computer screen. If it is a document that is more than a page, I usually print it off and edit from the hard copy. Why? I don't know. There is simply the sense that it is easier to miss something on a screen.

Another quirk: the more serious the business meeting, the more inclined I am to wear shoes that tie instead of loafers. Why? My theory is it conveys a more serious image. Odd, perhaps, but the small things matter. Serious meetings also require a white or blue shirt - usually white - and a tie that conveys gravitas. No wild designs.

Still another quirk: If a book is a classic, I probably won't read it on an e-reader. It deserves to be read in its paper version as a silent honor.

And yes, thank-you notes should be written with a fountain pen.

Your quirks?

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