Tuesday, October 31, 2017


We are well on our way to having well over 200 trick or treaters this year.

Nice kids and parents. It's a pleasure to give them candy. 

I wonder what the dentist a few doors down is giving.


Ted Goff said...

200+ sounds like a very serious turn out. You must be handing out great candy!

Halloween was a disappointment for us for an unexpected reason.

A young man came to the door two days ago with a letter. His company is filming a commercial on our street, and they wanted to let all the homeowners on the block know what was happening. He said they would restrict parking during the filming, but that we shouldn't be inconvenienced otherwise. He said that although our house wasn't going to be filmed, the neighborhood street would be, and that if I didn't mind, could I please not rake up the leaves until after the shoot. I said that was no problem. I said he should come back every week, and I would be happy to continue not raking up the leaves.

So now we have big no parking signs on sawhorses up and down the street. They say "no parking at any time." I don't know if they've filmed yet or not. But all the no parking signs scared away trick or treater families in cars. I guess they must have found another street to park on. We only had 20 or 30 trick or treaters. Here I was with a huge bowl of candy no one wanted. My wife had to take the leftovers to work.

My favorite costume last night was worn by the first trick or treater. He must have been three. It was a little sheet, with two holes cut out for eyes. His mom said "What do you say?" and he said "Trick or Treat." His mom said, "Now be scary." and he said "Oooooooo." It was perfect.

Michael Wade said...


Sorry about the film makers but I love the costume and the "Oooooooo."

It must have been ten years ago when three boys loosely connected by strings appeared on our doorstep. When asked about their costume, they said, "We're the World Wide Web!"

Not bad.