Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Hyper-Politicizing Sexual Harassment

Ann Althouse notes her arguments regarding the hyper-politicizing of sexual harassment.

This is  related to the universalist (the same rules apply to all) versus the particularist (different rules apply to friends and allies) camps that you can find on ethical issues.


Anonymous said...

I find it extremely difficult (and aggravating) discussing any ethical issue with someone who is (to use your term) "particularist" or (to use what I would term it) "follows identity politics."

Identity politics says who is wrong in any circumstance (using identity politics) depends on what race / gender / sex each actor is. A person punched another person for being hateful? Doesn't matter what was said, but what matters is... did a man punch a woman? What is the race of each person?

So little common ground. Very troubling. -Bobbo

Michael Wade said...


I think the particularist advocates don't appreciate that their approach is a rabbit hole (e.g., which identity should govern?) and that while a universalist approach can be harsh, it is needed to have a functional justice system.