Thursday, December 28, 2017

Illness and Mindfulness

The washcloth, soaked in cold water, is wrung out and then placed on my forehead. I carefully sip water and note the time of medications. A small list is made of tasks I hope to accomplish today. Most of the day will be spent in-doors but all of it will be deliberate.

Slowing down and focusing on a few tasks may produce more than those energetic days when I bounce from chore to chore.

[If you were ill today, aside from a rapid recovery, what you would hope to achieve?]

Perhaps the best approach is to embrace rest, "sloth out" and use the time as a needed distraction so the eventual return to a regular schedule will bring fresh ideas. 

That sounds better. It is the old trick of gaining insight on A by focusing on B or C.


Kurt Harden said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Michael Wade said...



I haven't turned the corner yet but hope to do so later today.