Wednesday, January 31, 2018

If You Do . . .

If you do ...
  1.  One important thing today, that will put this day far ahead of days when you hoped to achieve much but scattered your focus on trivial matters.
  2. Two important things today, then mark this down as a productive day. 
  3. Three important things today, then you deserve to celebrate. Three may not seem like much but that puts you in the heavy hitter category.
  4. Four or more important things today and you've achieved more than many people do in a week or even a month.
  • This measurement only works if you don't fudge with the definition of what is important.
  • The amount of time should not be confused with importance. A very important item may be done in a short amount of time and a minor item may consume hours.
  • One item of mega-importance can outweigh a bundle of important but less significant achievements.
  • Sometimes you don't know what was important until years later.

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