Thursday, January 25, 2018

Miscellaneous and Fast

Fortune: Elton John is retiring.
Trailer:  "Steve Jobs."
Sohrab Ahmari: The invisible crisis in Europe.
The Ghan: Australia's outback train.
Bunga bunga: Italy's Berlusconi may be coming back.
TaxProf Blog: California bar exam zings out-of-staters.
Trailer: "Mad to Be Normal."
The Sun: Labor Party "charging whites more" reversal.
Bruce Bawer: The Islamization of Oslo.
Sports Illustrated: Upcoming swimwear fashion.
Forbes: Tesla locks in Musk.
Trailer: "The Great Beauty."


Texas Leigh said...

The Bruce Bauer article on the Islamization of Oslo shows that the politicians and media are they are in the US. These terrifying conditions are insidious. Border security is the job of our government; well at least half of our government.

Michael Wade said...

Texas Leigh,

I recall that the UN Ambassador from Singapore in the 1980s predicted that the invasions of the future would be by immigrants, not armies.

It is difficult to maintain sovereignty if borders are not secure.