Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A New Batch of Random Thoughts

My new book is at Amazon. It contains 701 Random Thoughts, most of which at one point were posted on this blog. 

Here are some new thoughts that will have to wait for the next volume:

We could invent an alternative to email in which more thought would be given to sending messages and more time would be permitted for a response. The messages could be called "letters." ~ It was a dark day when "talking points" were invented. ~ There are many organizational codes of conduct that are unwritten (and even denied) but that does not mean that they may be violated with impunity. ~ Whenever you write a particularly good sentence an alarm bell should sound. ~ Develop a relationship mentality, not merely a project-oriented one, or else you may quickly find that you have a dearth of new projects. Why? Because projects come from relationships. ~ When it comes to some forms of consumption, it is easier to abstain entirely than to ration smaller portions. ~ Customers never care about your excuses. ~ Children should be acquainted with a good dictionary, a good encyclopedia, and a good almanac. ~ In a large organization, it is a mistake to assume that anyone is powerless. ~ A key benefit of the study of history is what it can tell us about the future. ~ When describing an important strategy, don't forget to touch the heart of each listener. Give them a greater purpose and not simply logic or assignments.


Steve Layman said...

There is room in my book case for Volume II. Still waiting to read Volume 1. My daughter took it and appears to be in no hurry to return it. S

Michael Wade said...


That's good to hear.

As for your daughter, you never know. She may be using it for kindling.



Texas Leigh said...

Don't belittle your book. Not ever! Promote it. Link to it in your posts. Add it to a separate column on the right side of your blog. Pull from it and reference back to it. If someone gives you a compliment about it, ask permission, and then put the testimonial in a post and link to your book. Ask your readers to please give you a review on Amazon. I spent a career in marketing for a book publishing company and no one is going to market your book like you can...but you have to do it.

Michael Wade said...

Texas Leigh,

Thank you very much!

That is excellent advice and I will follow it.