Friday, February 09, 2018

Circular Motion

"Have you filled out the form?"

"Yes. Several times. I submitted it more than once."

"Here. I've found it on my screen. That may be the problem. You probably confused them. You should have just sent in one."

"But I had not heard back for days after the original submission. I was worried that they'd lost it. My initial contact was with a man named Leonard."

"Leonard is very busy."

"I tried reaching him again but he said he was swamped and I should talk to you."

"He did?  That's odd because matters like these are really in his department."

"I'm under a deadline. Is there any way this can be expedited?"

"Yes. There is an extra $25 charge."

"Fine. I'll pay it."

"Very well. I've just forwarded your paperwork via the Expedited Process. You'll be emailed a receipt and should be hearing back from us within 48 hours."

"That's great. Can you give me the number of the office I should call if there is any delay?"

"You already have it."


"It's Leonard's."

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