Thursday, February 08, 2018

Essential Board Games

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I was in a conversation the other day in which the main topic - somewhat controversial - was board games.

Yes, board games. 

I move in strange circles.

Is there one which is as good as Scrabble?


Daniel Richwine said...

I so look forward to my kids being old enough to play scrabble.

Trivial Pursuit is dated these days but was one of my favorites.

Charades inspired games like Pictionary are always fun in a family or party environment.

For two Chess, Pente, Mastermind and even Checkers are great.

Michael Wade said...


I've never played Pente and Mastermind. Will have to check them out.

My children liked Clue. As adults, they still play Scrabble.


Kurt Harden said...

Risk. Nothing quite as satisfying as world domination.

Michael Wade said...


Risk is great.

Its only drawback is that world domination requires a sizable chunk of time.