Monday, February 05, 2018

The Unspoken

Why wasn't that idea mentioned?

  1. "I knew they'd never consider it."
  2. "It would have just reinforced their view of me as a maverick."
  3. "They've made it clear that there is a narrow range of acceptable approaches."
  4. "I would have been told that I was going outside of my area of responsibility."
  5. "They would have said it was too touchy-feely."
  6. "There is a small group of people who can surface such things and I'm not in it."
  7. "'It's never been done before' is the death sentence for any new idea.'"
  8. "There are more important items I want to get approved and I need to pick my battles."
  9. "It's not worth the hassle."
  10. "The price to my professional effectiveness would be too high."
  11. "It would have been assigned to - and smothered in - a committee."
  12. "I believe the last person to propose an idea like that is now assigned to Barrow, Alaska."

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