Monday, February 12, 2018

You Can Trust Dictatorships to Be Dictatorships

When the 1936 Olympics were held, Nazi Germany could do all it could to act civilized but all of the pictures of a happy audience around a smiling Hitler could not erase the fact that the nation was in the grip of a thuggish regime that threw opponents into prison and terrorized Jews. [Large-scale slaughter would occur later.]

It is interesting to watch the reactions to the North Korean delegation's appearance at this year's Olympics. The savages of the world don't always seem to be savages. [Herman Goering is said to have had a certain charm.] 

We would so like the truly evil people of the world to be open to reformation but reality tells another story. The North Korean dictatorship is mind-boggling in its cruelties. The cruel can also be sly.

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