Friday, September 28, 2018

Slight Edges

person wearing black suit jacket

[Photo by Alvin Mahmudov at Unsplash]

I've found that many people adopt certain habits to provide a slight edge on the small demands of life. Some examples:

  • Filling the car's gas tank as soon as it reaches the half-full point.
  • Shining shoes on Sunday.
  • Showering and shaving at night instead of in the morning.
  • Planning meals a week in advance.
  • Dedicating certain days for chores such as balancing the checkbook and paying bills.
  • Exercising at a set time each day.
  • Wearing the same type of clothing every workday; e.g. some men only wear white long-sleeve shirts in order to reduce the number of decisions. [I believe the current French president always wears the same type and color of tie.]
Other suggestions?

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