Saturday, September 15, 2018

Times Change

I know it is possible to find this program on cable. I was always a fan and it was particularly heartening to see a show where the bad guys lost and the good guys had clear values.

But take a quick look at the show's beginning and ask if a new program of that nature would have a chance today. 

Far from being a threat, the hero was a walking "safe zone."

In those days, to borrow a line from Churchill, people knew the difference between the arsonist and the fire brigade.


Richard (Rick) Georges said...

You don't need cable, Michael. There are plenty of online TV services these day. For the Rifleman series, go to
You're welcome.

Texas Leigh said...

Chuck Conners said, "On our television show, you'll notice that the riffle was only used as a last resort. There was no joy in its performance. We try to handle the rifle with dignity." Go spend some time at You'll see he had quite a fascinating life and career. We loved The Rifleman and Branded.

Michael Wade said...


Thanks for the tip.

Texas Leigh,

Thanks for the perspective by Chuck Connors. It was a great show and it was truly loved.