Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Thaw Out with The Bleat

For those of you in the Great Frozen Midwest, I will refrain from giving the temperature in Phoenix but will instead provide a link to The Bleat which comes to us from a hellish place called Minnesota.

Click here and scroll down.

An excerpt:

Tuesday it’s supposed to be about 20 below. Okay. After a certain point it’s meaningless; I haven’t the finely tuned senses that can detect the difference between -10 and -15. Anyway, the AAA guy was prompt.

But he didn’t have a battery. They were out of batteries. Will you be getting some? He didn’t know. Huh. So . . . going to the auto supply store six blocks away isn’t on the table? Sigh. Drove Wife to work, which was hard on her, since she tries to influence my driving by grasping the door handle as hard as possible, which I’m sure leads to capillary damage.

[Photo by Collin Merkel at Unsplash]

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