Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Adjusting Communication to the Individual

It makes no sense to treat everyone the same all the time. Some people are tough, others are fragile. Some require directness and others require tact. The list of differences is extensive and circumstances change.

When you make adjustments, however, be sure to consider another aspect. It is not just that in your eyes the person is different, it is also that the person may have a different view of you.

Here are two examples:

Jack is tough and very blunt. At the same time, however, Jack regards you as a wielder of great power and is wary of doing anything that might trigger your wrath.

Kim is soft-spoken and diplomatic but Kim is very comfortable being direct with you and with hearing any criticism you may have.

As a result, you may want to be more indirect when talking with blunt Jack and more direct when talking with soft-spoken Kim.

After all, you are adjusting your style to create effective communication with them and not to match their communication with others.

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