Friday, May 17, 2019

Uncovered: Popular Writing Assignments

Assignment No. 1: Pick a famous person from the past. Using modern standards of conduct, write an essay describing how that person's achievements were not achievements at all but were harmful, unethical, and marred by racism.

Assignment No. 2: Write an essay unfavorably comparing your country to a utopia that has never existed and which is not likely to exist. Frame your analysis as if that utopia does in fact exist but do not name it.

Assignment No. 3:  Write an analysis of a political issue. In order to present the illusion of balance, quote the most persuasive arguments from one side and the least persuasive arguments from the other. Begin and conclude by referring to the position that is favored. [Extra points will be given if you imply that the weaker side is uneducated or evil.]

[Photo by Nijwam Swargiary at Unsplash]

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