Friday, May 17, 2019

The Biggest Problem?

three wise monkeys statuette on log at daytime

If I were to pick the biggest problem in most organizations it would be a lack of openness. Dissent goes underground not because it is driven there (although sometimes it is) but because people want to avoid conflict. They self-censor, often in the name of caring, but mainly because they don't want the hassle and unpleasantness that is risked when one is candid. 

I've encountered some management teams that have not had a frank discussion in years.

If you want to turn a place around, do everything possible to encourage a culture of openness. This has to be a team effort and it must be genuine. No one person will want to be open if everyone else is going to pretend that their partial truths are candid.

[Photo by Joao Tzanno at Unsplash]

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