Thursday, January 02, 2020

No Cell Phones in Meetings

I agree with Cultural Offering: shorten the meetings and ban cell phones during the meetings.


Miriam said...

An outright ban is a little much for adults in adult meetings. However, when people are not acting like adults, proper attention and decorum should be enforced. People need to be reminded to properly use (or not use) electronic devices. If I'm on my phone in a meeting, it's because I'm looking up something relevant to the current discussion. I typically bring my tablet or laptop to meetings on which the Agenda for the meeting is stored, and where I take notes relevant to the meeting for official record or my personal use.

Electronic devices have their time and place, even in meetings. However, I agree that people need reminders of the proper use of devices in professional settings. I would rather call out the offenders than punish everyone.

And shorter meetings. I'm always up for that.

Michael Wade said...


The reason why I like a ban is it makes non-use the norm but exceptions can and should be made.

I once had a meeting with a diverse group of professionals and an engineer who was present explained that the reason why he needed to keep checking his cellphone was his company was launching a satellite that morning.

That sounded like a good reason to me.