Monday, October 12, 2020

Questioning 101

"If you are hired, will you take that specific action?"

"There are many actions I could take."

"I'm sure, but would you take that specific action?"

"There is a bigger issue involved."

"No doubt, but how do you answer my question?"

"Let me tell you how unfair the entire concept is."

"I'll be interested in that later. What is your answer to my question?"

"You know it's interesting how that often that question comes up."

"And what is your answer when it does?"

"I'll give you another topic that deserves far more attention."

"I'd like to hear that but please understand that when we make a hiring decision, the quality of information is important but the quantity of the information and the candor of the communicator are also vital. So what is your specific answer to my question?"

"What was the question again?"

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