Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Two Types of Hubris


It is beneficial to know how much you know but it is even more valuable to have a good sense of how much you don't know and how unlikely it is that you'll ever know it.

Unlike many of those leading the French Revolution, America's founders had a sense of humility about the range of their knowledge and even their virtue. They created a political structure of checks and balances because they knew the weaknesses of even the best and the brightest.

And so it goes with all of us but personality types can be deceiving. I have known cocky and even arrogant executives who respect key boundaries and modest, self-effacing ones who roll right over important restraints. Each group has a different form of hubris. The first is related to personal style while the second relates to structure.

The second type, however, personally pleasant, is the more dangerous.

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