Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Random Thoughts

Leaving the computer on in your office may have the same effect as leaving the television on in your house. ~ Gratitude is a great thing to have and a dangerous thing to expect. ~  Snakes in the animal kingdom feed on mice. Snakes of the human variety feed on benefits of the doubt. ~ A great deal of incompetence can lurk in a "Meets Standards" performance evaluation. ~ Exceptions may be bold and daring but they should remain exceptions. ~ Organizations have diversity, sustainability, and other programs but I've yet to see one devoted to increasing candor. ~  There is no "right side of history." History doesn't take sides. ~ The numbers can be less revealing than the process used to produce the numbers. ~ No matter how smart you are, a lot of your knowledge has an expiration date. ~ The more you like a leader's style, the more you should examine the substance. ~ The screening for lower-level jobs is far more closely attuned to actual job performance than the screening for the upper-level jobs. ~ Search, search, search for the things which everyone knows are true that aren't. ~ Problems hide in solutions. Vices hide in virtues.

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