Tuesday, December 21, 2021

David Suchet Need Not Worry



Dan in Philly said...

And yet I'll watch it.

Steve said...

You're probably right, Michael. A few years ago, I saw Kenneth Branagh in "Murder on the Orient Express." It was Agatha Christie that was murdered! Branagh is a fine actor, but I found the adaptation and writing to be atrocious. I don't expect any better from this outing.

As an aside, I always enjoy David Suchet as Poirot, but the adaptation of "Murder on the Orient Express" for the "Poirot" series was, for me, the least satisfactory adaptation of the series. For "Murder on the Orient Express" my nod goes to Albert Finney in the 1970s movie.

Michael Wade said...


For many of us, it will be any port in a storm.


I really like the Albert Finney Poirot but David Suchet is the gold standard. I would even rate his "Murder on the Orient Express" over Finney's - but not by much.

Once you're out of Suchet/Finney territory, the Poirot quality seriously drops.